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Printing Terms


Full colour printing or four colour printing refers to the process of laying down four different ink colours in a complex pattern of dots to produce the illusion of millions of colours from the whole colour spectrum.


The four colours are cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


This process normally uses the traditional litho printing process which is suitable for medium to long run lengths. Digital printing is a more cost effective solution for short runs.



We can arrange for special shapes to be die-cut to make up CD covers, presentation wallets or folders etc. (See also die-stamping).


If you are writing a book or just want properly bound copies of a family history, for example, we can offer a number of solutions and styles, including perfect bound, wirobound or saddle stitched (two staples on the spine.)


We can produce books or booklets, in runs from as few as 10 copies.


We can work from good quality hard copy originals, or from your disk files (see for information on electronic file transfer). 

Paper sizes

International Paper and Board Sizes


A Series - For all general printing work. 
Sheet Sizes are in Millimetres

A0 841 x 1189

A1 594 x 841

A2 420 x 594

A3 297 x 420

A4 210 x 297

A5 148 x 210

A6 105 x 148

A7 74 x 105

C Series - For envelopes or folders to take A series items

Sheet Sizes are in Millimetres


C4 229 x 324

C5 162 x 229


Leaflets and various printed matter can be folded in many different ways depending on how the finished product is intended to be used.


Paper can be folded by hand or machine. Paper weights of 200gsm and above will require creasing before folding to prevent cracking on the fold.

C6 114 x 162

DL 110 x 220

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